Orchardleigh Prime Fillet.   

6oz £18.99    8oz £21.99

Orchardleigh Sirloin. 

8oz £17.95

Orchardleigh Rib-Eye.   

8oz  £17.49

Orchardleigh Rump.   

8oz  £14.99

Orchardleigh Strip Loin Porterhouse.   

8oz  £18.49

Orchardleigh Beef Burger.   

8oz  £12.99

Gluten Free Burger served in GF Bun.   


Goats Cheese Wellington.   


All served with tomatoes, mushrooms and your choice of French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Minted New Potatoes or Salad


Peppercorn, Bernaise, Blue Cheese.   £1.99


Sides to Share

Cauliflower with Wyke Farm Cheddar Cheese or Minted Petit Pois.  £2.95 each

Tel: 01373 454200


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